We have provided a few example testimonial quotes we have received from members and or other organizations.

"I would like you to know that after the second year of spraying the Aqua Land Area we have seen a great improvement in the weed control. Here is a comment a young boy scout made to his mother "Mom swimming was great I dove to the bottom and it was cool" "Enclosed is $181 in donations." (Boy Scout Ranger at Camp Long Lake)

"Through volunteer efforts the LLPA have done a remarkable job with their limited resources". "It is in the best interest of the State of Wisconsin for tourism and the use of Natural Resources to continue to assist Long and Tittle Lakes as they have proven to use any funding they receive in the most efficient manner" (Dan LeMahieu- State Representative).

"The Long Lake Haven Association supports the Long Lake Preservation Association in their efforts to control AIS in long Lake. We also are committed to the dollar amount of $1,000 for the years 2011, 2012, and 2013 as our part of the 10% community support for the AIS grant" (Long Lake Haven Association)

"The Long Lake Fishing Club, Inc. is committing up to $3,000 per year for a period of three years to the LLPA 10% community support to obtain the established infestation control grant". (Long Lake Fishing Club Inc.)

"The LLPA has been very open, enthusiastic and committed in their efforts to control invasive species on Long Lake; they have accomplished a lot over the past year". They "coordinated and provided volunteers for the Long Lake "Clean Boat Clean Water" program. LLPA members volunteer their time educating boaters of invasive species" "Members are very professional in conducting the program". "I highly recommend the LLPA be considered and awarded an "Established Infestation Grant" so they can continue to fight against aquatic invasive species". (Jerry Leiterman- KM Forrest Superintendent)

What Lake Users Have Told Us - We gathered feedback both written and verbal, primarily during Clean Boats Clean Waters duty at the State Park Boat Landing in an effort to gain as broad a perspective as possible, primarily from fishermen on how they view the lake as of fall 2014. Click here for their comments.

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