Lake District Proposal

District Results

The LLPA Board of Directors would like to thank all those that participated, either for or against, in the District nomination process. A special thanks to those who asked questions and/or commented by sending us an email.

Why a district? In looking to the future, we need to find other ways of funding the Association and how to keep it strong and viable going forward. Forming a district is one way of doing that. To present the concept of a district, the board researched what was needed to propose a district and then set out a plan and prepared documents to support the idea. With that in mind we moved forward.

The results tell us that the residents within the proposed boundary of the district do not want a district. As a result the Association will drop the district concept and move forward as we have in the past as an Association.

Weed harvesting will continue to be contracted to an outside vendor. There are NO plans to purchase a harvester as the ownership and operating costs are prohibitive for the Association.   

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