Lake District Proposal

Our organization is at a crossroads. Volunteer support has been dwindling over the years, and our Board of Directors is aging. The past few years the goal of LLPA has been simple: to provide lake weed harvesting for our members so they can access their docks and piers and have a more enjoyable experience on the lake.

  Many of you have heard that our organization has decided to propose the forming a Lake District that would replace the LLPA.  The Lake District would be comprised of all of the properties around Long Lake and would be run by an elected board of commissioners.  A $100 annual fee per property would be applied to everyone's tax bill that is within the district.  In 2020 the average LLPA member donated $128.70 for dues and harvesting.  This means most of our members will actually save money with the Lake District annual fee of $100.

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