Long Lake Management Plan

The LLPA was interested in gaining a better understanding of the Long and Tittle Lakes ecology and the overall condition of the lake. To accomplish this, a grant was secured through the DNR to hire Onterra LLC, a lake management planning company, to work in conjunction with the LLPA and several other stakeholders to develop a plan that will guide the LLPA through future plans and programs, including management of AIS while at the same time protecting the lakes fishery and native plants.

After several internal drafts of the management plan, a final version was published in March 2015. This comprehensive 132 page document covers Lake water quality, watershed assessment, shoreline condition, aquatic plants, fisheries, etc. This is a great assessment of the lake enjoyed by lake residents and the thousands of non-residents who use the lake every summer.

In November we sent out a confidential survey to the general public asking for their input. The results of the survey was documented by a another third party company and can be found in Appendix A below. Onterra utilized the results of that survey in their plan below.

The plan also covers an implementation plan the LLPA will work on to management the lake going forward. This plan will require extensive hours of time by the LLPA Board of Directors as well as member and non-member volunteers.

Long Lake Management Plan - Final Report (PDF)

Long Lake Management Plan - Final Appendicies (PDF)

  Appendix A - Public Participation Materials
Appendix B - Stakeholder Survey Response Charts and Comments
Appendix C - Water Quality Data
Appendix D - Watershed Analysis WiLMS Results

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