Weed Cutting on Long Lake

Mechanical Weed Harvester on Long Lake

The Long Lake Preservation Association received a DNR permit to harvest 6.5 acres of weeds that entangle boat propellers and prevent swimming in several areas on Long Lake in the town of Osceola. The areas selected for harvesting were high traffic areas with an extensive weed problem near piers. The controlled collection of the weeds through harvesting will prevent the undesired cutting and fragmentation by propellers that would spread evasive weeds throughout the lake. The Association contracted with Midwest Aquatics to complete the work.

The mechanical harvester is a large floating machine which both cut and collects aquatic plants. Cut plants are removed from the water by a conveyor belt system and stored on the harvester until disposal. The collected weeds are then removed from the Harvester onto a shore conveyer belt that lifts the cut plants into a waiting dump truck. The harvested weeds were disposed of on land in a pre-approved area.

The permit approved by the DNR restricted harvesting to six specific navigation zones and only to a depth of two feet below the surface of the lake with a maximum 50 foot wide area parallel to the shoreline.

Its future will depend on adequate funding through memberships and designated donations specific for harvesting. Boaters, fisherman and others with an interest in Long Lake should consider joining the Long Lake Preservation Association. You can learn more and obtain a membership form by going to our web-site at www.longlakepreservation.org or calling Tom Hinchliffe at 920-533-8725.

The Long Lake Preservation Association was organized in 2007 to enhance, preserve and protect the quality of Long and Tittle lakes including the north and south channels for future generations through effective environmental and education policies. The association is funded by its members and additional donations.

To see photos of the weed cutting operation, click on the photo below

Weed Cutting-2010


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